Last Updated 19.09.08

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Your DJ Needs You! - Top 100 DJs Poll 2008: 19.09.08

Something’s stirring — a seismic rumble beginning to spread across the globe. A buzz spreading outwards like wildfire, igniting the online world, internet chatrooms, MySpace and beyond. Emails will soon be awash with speculation — who’ll be crowned the No.1 DJ in our Top 100 DJs Poll 2008? It’s time to open the floodgates…

From 1st August votes will start flooding in for the Top 100 DJs Poll 2008 — the world’s best guide to the hottest DJs on the face of the planet, as voted for by YOU.

Controversial, influential and downright definitive, every year it causes celebration, ructions, disagreements and debate. Who’s voting for whom? Why did you vote for him? Who’s going to do well this time out? Who’s your new favourite DJ? Who’s rocked your socks off in the past 12 months?

The most influential poll in dance music is this year powered by — which means a free download for everyone who votes! By offering each voter a free track to download from their catalogue of 350,000 titles from over 10,000 labels, will demonstrate how easy it is to find your favourite electronic music legally.

The Top 100 DJs Poll is a 100% public vote, so if your fave selector’s gonna have a chance of scooping the top prize, you’ve gotta help him win it. You can only vote once — for your Top 5 DJs — so make it count!

Since its inception in the early 1990s, the Top 100 DJs poll has gone from strength to strength. Initially dominated by Brits, it’s grown into a genuine worldwide snapshot of the most popular DJs on the planet. It’s become a career-defining moment for many DJs to be included in the poll, signalling to the world that they’ve made it. Last year, voting increased from 217,000 to 345,000 votes, with the third largest voting contingent coming from nascent clubbing destination China, after the US and the UK, with Germany and Russia close behind. And we had a brand new ruler, too, in the form of adventurous trancer Armin van Buuren, who clinched the coveted No.1 position.

“Being voted No.1 was a dream that came true,” said Armin. “If so many people in the world take the time to go online and vote for you it’s a great honour”.

“Some people say the poll is like comparing apples to oranges, but the dance scene as a whole benefits from it. People talk about the poll and it raises discussion about music, music styles and clubs, which is very healthy for our scene.”

There was also a large musical shift last year, notably in the dominance of techno, which crept up to become one of the biggest styles represented behind trance. And it was a good year too for house heads, with some relative newcomers performing particularly well. Fedde Le Grand was the Highest New Entry, right in at No.22 with a bullet. How will the poll shape up this year? YOU decide by heading over to to vote NOW!

Voting opens 1st August and closes 24th September. Head over to and make your vote count.

DJmag’s Top 100 DJs 2008 is powered by

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