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Sign Of The Times - Cosmic Gate

Title: Sign Of The Times
Artist: Cosmic Gate
Label: Maelstrom Records
Genre: Trance
Price: £
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Release Date: 23rd March 2009

Track Samples: N/A
Track Listings: Click Here
Details: After last year’s huge single Body Of Conflict, trance pioneers Cosmic Gate return to Maelstrom to drop their fourth artist album Sign Of The Times. Constantly evolving with the ever-changing soundscape, the trance heavyweights provide thirteen tracks of upfront and innovative cuts illustrating why they will always be ahead of the game.

Cosmic Gate have created and inspired some of the most influential music ever to hit our dancefloors over the past decade. This long player is a good indication of how the guys constantly push today’s musical boundaries, blending a perfect mix of trance and progressive combined with their tight production skills and the duo’s distinctive Cosmic Gate sound.

Sign Of The Times includes the massive Body Of Conflict plus 12 brand new, previously unreleased tracks with a leaning towards vocal-based songs. Sourcing new talent, Cosmic Gate have collaborated with several singer-songwriters from a variety of genres to help contribute different sounds and themes on this album.

Emma Hewitt who features on current single Not Enough Time has previously worked with electro DJ-producer Chris Lake and provides a poignant vocal for the track’s atmospheric melodies. Tommy Clint and Jades both bring a rocky edge to proceedings with tracks Only Time and Seize The Day with guitar riffs and bass mixed neatly with soaring synths. Tiff Lacey appears on album opener Open Your Heart that will satisfy all euphoric fans. There are also plenty of driving club numbers such as Artic Sunset and title track Sign Of The Times.

"Our personal goal was to create an album that works on the dancefloor as well as at home when you simply want to listen and enjoy. We worked with many new and known singer/songwriters, who were inspired by our music, as much as their lyrical skills brought out the best in us. We think our progression is reflected in these new songs, and we hope the fans follow our musical development since "Earth Mover", and read the signs of the times’. (Cosmic Gate)

Cosmic Gate’s fourth milestone delivers a perfect, cutting edge mixture of vocal and instrumental tracks. With a tour diary fully rammed for the upcoming year, the duo continues on their path to gain followers and champion their forward thinking prog-trance sound - Sign Of The Times will win props from the world’s dancefloors and electronic enthusiasts in 2009.
Rating: # / 10 – ## Award
Review written by: Oli Pavitt
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