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Penguin Launch
Penguin or Pingu launch the rules are simple you simply batter the poor defenseless creature with a club and attempt to gain maximum yardage.
The age old strategy game 'battleships'. Battle against the computer with your aim to destroy his fleer before he sinks yours.
3D Klax
Arrange tiles dropping off a perpetually running conveyor belt into groups to complete levels. Three levels of difficulty.
Smashing a variation of the original ZX Spectrum game Batty. Knock down the bricks to gain power-ups and advance to the next level.
Office Paintball
Been a hard day and feeling a little stressed, or just fancy a quick fix. Then why not fire off some paint pellets in office paintball.
Trap Shoot
Pick up your shot gun and join the hill billie's and fire of some rounds at three differing targets. Cans, Hens or Clays.
Yes the terribly addictive tetris, an oldie but a goodie.
Small character running around a small dark room munching pills, urm. Yes its the old favorite Pacman.
Street Skateboarding
Fancy a wee scoot around and a board jumping bins and dodging cones? If the answers yes then click the link.
Space Fighter
Avoid the asteroids or simply blast them away, the longer your survive the more points you rack up. You'll love the sound track, honest.
Cutie Quake
Yep another shoot'em up, simply blast ghoulish targets and relieve some stress. Can your mouse hand it though.
3D Balloon
Drop balloons at passers by from the golden gate bridge. Compete against the clock and point targets to pass to the next level.
Save them Goldfish
You return home to find your immature roommate attempting to turn your beloved goldfish into stir-fry. Save them goldfish from the pan.

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