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Danny Clark
Name: Danny Clark
Genre: Soulful US House
Age: 27
Location: Essex, UK
Inspiration: Danny Rampling, Joey Negro, Roger Sanchez and Paul Trouble Anderson
Email: Click Here
Website: TBA
DJ Chart: Click Here
Monthly Mix: Click Here
Current Residencies: Epitomy (Clacton), Flava (Clacton) and Rave (Bury St Edmunds)
Future Dates: 29th apr - Flava @ Rocking Horse, Clacton, 30th apr - Flava @ Rocking Horse, Clacton,
1st may - Essence @ Distinction, Ipswich, 2nd may- Epitomy @ Lighthouse, Clacton, 2nd may- EFEX 105.6 FM, 2-4pm, Essex/Kent, 5th may - Rave @ LF1, Bury St Edmunds,
Passed Gigs: Highlights so far include Miss Moneypennies Tour, Clockwork Orange Tour, Pams House, Oscars and Lakotta playing alongside the likes of Danny Rampling, Brandon Block, Andy Manston, Terry Francis, Norman Jay and Moose-T.
Bio: Danny's interest in the dance music scence developed in the late eighties when the whole "Acid" evolution broke through. For the next few years Danny spent many hours waiting patiently in service stations around the M25 for the convoy to pass by and lead him to some desserted warehouse or muddy field. Danny was totally taken in by the atmosphere and spirit of those early years, espically by Dj's who created so much unity, passion and sweat!!. With this inspiration, Danny purchased his first set of 1210's at the tender age of 15 and has never looked back since. He started off playing to friends at house parties, and as his skills and confidence grew, so did his desires and ambitions for bigger and better things.

Danny was a regular clubber at the legendary Oscars on Clacton Pier (once voted the 3rd best club in the country by Radio 1) where he met the resident DJ Force (Pretty Green Eyes). This is where Danny got his first big break, playing warm up sets for the likes of Slipmatt, Grooverider, DJ Seduction, Fabio and Micky Finn. The success of those early sets led to an influx of other regular bookings around East Anglia, at clubs such as Tiffany's, Club Art, Ikon, Tu-Tu's and Hollywoods. Danny's tastes in music gradually began to change in the early to mid nineties, as the hardcore scene became to dark, twisted and fast. Danny was revelling in the delightful soulful sounds of the US House scene. Danny was a keen listener of Kiss 100 FM, espically the shows of Danny Rampling and Paul Trouble Anderson, and with the inspiration they gave, Danny had finally found his sound and his audience.

Danny moved to Bristol and continued DJ-ing and soon found himself to be a regular on the local club and bar circuit. He then decided to start to promote his own nights in a disused function room above a pub in the city centre. Danny realised he was taking a financial risk by promoting a soulful house night in an area that was predominately into a more urban sound. However, due to Danny's persistance, enthusiasm and determination the risk turned out to be a massive success, and within a matter of a few months, people were being turned away due to capacity crowds. The success of these nights was soon the talk of the town, which in turn led Danny to further DJ-ing work at clubs like Lakotta, Oddyssey, Porthouse, The Thekla and Cafe Blue.

After a couple of years Danny returned to Essex and continued where he had led off, receiving offers for his services from a number of promoters, including work on 3 seperate radio stations - Switch FM, Renegade FM and Feelings FM. Danny's streamless, soulful mixes have been used on a number of occassions by Ministry radio and received superb feedback from leading industry magazines. Danny's love of music led him to opening up his own record shop and online sales service (currently under reconstruction) in Ipswich which is currently going fom strength to strength.

With his vast knowledge of music and all his experience as a professional DJ, Danny has begun to produce his own material (first release out in summer of 2004) and is seriously considering starting up his own record label. The style of music being created out of Danny's studio is very in-keeping with what you would expect to hear on the likes of Soulfuric, Swing City, Defected and Refunkt. Danny's aims for the future is to obtain more work in and around the capital to heighten his profile and to receieve more media attention both as a DJ and producer. His efforts have allready rewarded him with confirmed bookings in the summer in Tenerife and Ibiza and his first apperance at the infamous Turnmills.

Danny is currently looking to start promoting his own events again, but within the South East, so with that, his production work, his radio work, his web site, his 3 weekly residencies and the constant demand by promoters for his talents, it looks as if Danny is quite a busy boy.
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