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Pure Pacha

Date: Friday 24th August 2007
Pacha, Ave de Ocho de Agosto, Ibiza Town
Occurrence: Weekly / Friday (June / September)
Hours: 11pm to 7am
Ticket Price: 30 to 50 euros according to time of year
Genre: House
Dress Code: N/A
Capacity: 2500
Our evening began at Bar Mambo, where Pete Tong was warming up the weekend with a live broadcast on Radio 1. Sadly, just before we arrived someone must have been doing a rain dance on the beach, because the heavens opened up and the island was illuminated with lightening flashes. Everyone ran for cover, but the added bonus of a lightening display over the bay created a really magical atmosphere. We finished our drinks and headed back to our hotel to change in to some dry clothes. Just as we were about to leave, an amazing firework display began just a few meters away from our hotel. We ran to the balcony and must have had the best view on the whole of the island. It was a truly magical scene as the whole bay came alive with an incredible display of multi colored rockets and explosions that literally shook our balcony! I knew that even despite the rain, this night was going to be something to remember.

We arrived at Pacha, just after 1am. Those of you that have been to Ibiza before will know that if you arrive at a club much earlier than this, you will usually be the only people there. This obviously wasn’t the case tonight. The queue to get in stretched right down the street and the roads were jam-packed with cars, their passengers all eagerly trying to find a place to park. By some miracle, we spotted a car pulling out of a parking space right in front of the club entrance. We shot in to the parking space, jumped out of the car and headed straight for the queue. We managed to slowly snake our way through the crowds of excited clubbers and before we knew it we were inside!

When you enter this club, the first thing that hits you is the amazing décor. It reminds me of walking in to a glamorous theatre, with deep red drapes sweeping across the walls and huge staircases leading up to the vast circular balcony, which overlooks the main dance floor. The room was absolutely packed full of people, from wall to wall. As we slowly tried to make our way down the staircase towards the dance floor, I desperately looked for a space to head for. There wasn’t one! As this was being broadcast on Radio 1, I had a feeling that the club would get busy, but nothing had prepared me for this. It was almost impossible not to tread on people’s feet as we squashed our way past the front of the raised DJ booth, in the general direction of one of the many bars that this club has to offer. As we passed by, I looked up to see that Mark Knight had been warming the club up nicely with some well-known tracks that always get a good crowd reaction. They had certainly done the trick, as the dance floor was heaving with a mass of smiling clubbers, all moving to the same beat. A sea of hands suddenly raised in to the air as the next track dropped and a roar of excited cheering began.

After a long hard struggle, we finally reached the bar. We ordered two drinks and didn’t get any change from 30 euros. This was to be expected though as the bar prices in Ibiza clubs are not really famous for being cheap. As I sipped my bottle of San Miguel, I suggested that we should explore the club before Pete Tong got behind the decks. Pacha is a great club to explore, with lots of curious looking doorways, which lead to other areas. We passed through the ‘Funky Electro’ room, which had a bit more breathing space, but still a great vibe. Then we ventured upwards again and came to the roof top terrace. This is area of the club looks amazing, filled with illuminated palm trees, cool lighting, cocktail bars and comfy seating. Unfortunately, the rain was still coming down heavily and the wind had picked up. We had a quick look around and decided that it was time to head back down to the main dance floor to find a good spot. Just as we were leaving through a small door, which opened up to reveal a thin, winding stairway, a security guard started telling people that the terrace would have to be closed due to the bad weather. It was a shame, as the terrace is something that you would never see in any clubs back in England, so it is well worth spending a bit of time up there. It is also a great place to head to for those ‘five minute recovery sessions’ between DJ sets.

Back to the main room then and it was absolutely packed to the rafters. We struggled as we tried to move towards the dance floor and find a spot to dance in. We quickly realized that it was an impossible mission, so decided to stay where we were. A quick 360 degree spin on the spot and I realized that we actually had a great view of the DJ booth, so we were happy enough with that. It seemed that our timing was just right, because Pete Tong had just arrived behind the decks. He asked the dance floor to ‘give it up for Mark Knight’ and the crowd reaction clearly showed that his set had gone down well. As Pete announced that we were live on Radio 1, the dance floor erupted in to a frenzy of cheers and waving hands. This was the DJ that most had obviously been waiting for. As Pete dropped his first track, I suddenly became aware of how amazing the sound system was. It is without a doubt one of the clearest I’ve heard and you could hear every detail, even over the roaring crowd. Dancing was difficult, due to the limited amount of space. It was virtually impossible not to elbow each other, or tread on the toes of the person next to you. I couldn’t help but wish that less people had been allowed in to the club. It can be frustrating when you really want to go crazy to a track, but just can’t because you are packed in so tightly. This was probably slightly due to the bad weather though, which meant that no one was out on the terrace, so it was just one of those things.

Looking around at the crowd there was a really nice selection of people, most looking very sexy and glamorous. This is defiantly a night to head to if you fancy getting ‘glammed up’! That said, there were still plenty of people in shorts and t-shirts that looked like they had come straight from a day at the beach, so don’t be put off by thinking that you might have to go to too much of an effort.

Pete’s next track kicked in, ‘Heater’ by Samim. This seems to be ‘the’ track of the summer out in Ibiza this year and the crowd certainly seemed to approve. Once again there were cheers of delight as the lights went crazy, all bouncing off one of the largest mirror balls I have ever seen. Just below were some podiums, upon which two sexy dancers were strutting their stuff and whipping the dance floor in to a mass frenzy. To sum it up, this was a good all round night. Pacha has to be visited at least once, and of all the various nights that I’ve been to in this amazing club, this was one of the best. Exploring the various rooms means that you are guaranteed to find something that will make you want to dance. One room was playing ‘hip-hop’ and ‘RnB’ all night, which was quite unexpected, but it looked very busy and certainly added some variety to the music available. Although this certainly isn’t the best night to head to if you are on a tight budget, it is well worth the effort if your Euros are burning a hole in your pocket and you feel the urge to get glamed up and mingle with some of the sexiest people on the island.

Venue: 8
Music: 7
Crowd: 6
Sound System: 9
Total: 30 / 40

Rating: Silver Award
Review written by: Rob Foster rob@uk-cl.co.uk

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