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Global Gathering 2007

Date: Friday 27th, Saturday 28th July 2007
Long Marston Airfield, Nr. Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire CV37 8LL
Occurrence: Annual
Hours: Friday 5pm - 2am / Saturday 2pm - 6 am
Ticket Price: Weekend – £105, VIP £155
Genre: Various
Dress Code: Wellies
Capacity: 50,000

Arena Hosts: Radio 1 Main Stage / Godskitchen Arena / Electric Arena / Bedrock Transitions Arena / Sputnik Global Arena  / Air Breaks Arena  / Release Yourself Arena  / Essential Selection Arena  / Random Concept D&B Arena  / Polysexual Arena  / Circo Loco Terrace  / Polysexual Terrace  / Mixmag Terrace / Nocturnal Terrace / Strongbow Ciderhouse / VIP Area & Deck

Due to those pesky work commitments I yet again missed Friday at Global. By all accounts it was a top day; the sun shone, there were great DJ performances and everyone was in a party mood.

Ok…to the music! Sven Vath was immense, the German techno lord was in a different league I’m told and after witnessing many of his Cocoon nights in Ibiza I can certainly vouch for that. Other Friday DJs included Radio 1’s Annie Mac, who rocked it, as did 2 Many DJs. We had Sasha doing his Ableton thing expertly well and Oaky doing his trance thing, both providing top class performances in the whopping Godskitchen tent. Other old favourites were Tong live on Radio 1, and the ever smiling Carl Cox who always entertains and is such a good DJ.

Faithless were headlining the main stage and I’ve heard mixed reviews about their performance, and Roger Sanchez should spend less time trying to look good and concentrate on the job in hand I’m told! Ouch! Although I also heard the atmosphere was wicked in the “S Mans” tent.

Eric Morillo was good as usual, but the rain kind of spoiled it on the outdoor stage, which was the same with the Basement Jaxx on the Saturday, as people started to head for the cover of the tents.

So, to Saturday. The train journey was enjoyable, the sun shone again and the Red Arrows went whooshing by as we arrived. No queues either! Nice! Everyone on the bus from the train station to the site was in such a happy mood, excited by the night ahead.

But! Then the rain came…I got in and had heard the horror stories about knee high mud and the swamp monsters that lurked beneath, but I didn’t think the mud was too bad, as I could see the grass! Then someone asked if I had been in a tent yet? I tentatively answered no….so it was of to the Gods tent, and oops! I almost hit the deck! Ok… the mud was incredible and it stunk…good ol’ British summertime eh? The golf ball tent as it affectionately became known as, was very cool with 360 degree projections; its popularity obvious by the endless queue that was there all night almost.

I always spend as much time as possible in the
Gods tent as it’s a great opportunity to hear my beloved trance, which is now almost down to an annual occasion! THAT tent is seriously huge! I mean 15,000 capacity I heard, is that true? The lasers are immense in there, about 6 or 7 of those spectacular green ones that most clubs only have 1 of! Marcus Schulz was superb, really nice progressive trance, and he looked very happy as did the crowd. Armin came on straight after him to cheers of “Armin, Armin”…the fireworks went off all around him, but I didn’t like his more “Dutch” styled trance set nearly as much as Schulz’s.

PVD then played a banging set on two laptops. He wasn’t messing around! We were also live on the Essential Mix on Radio 1, which is always cool, when those little “Eeee sssenn ttiall” voiceovers come on and everybody cheers!

Three idiots managed to get the music stopped half way through Van Dyk’s set, by climbing to the top of the big metal supports in the middle of the tent! Dedicated raving you could argue…but more like stupidity and ever so slightly mad!

Bedrock was probably my favourite tent; it is just quality all the way. A really long white tent, with deep, dark and progressive sounds as you’d expect. Lots of other people have also told me this was their favourite too. Jimmy Van M was driving and funky, Lawler was cracking, Diggers disappointed a bit and SOS played some weird and wonderful stuff. Arggghhhh! I missed Eric Prydz at 3am, which was really, really annoying!

Briefly saw Armand Van Helden. I’ve seen him before and again he displayed excellent technical ability, dropping accapellas such as the mighty and moody Spin Spin Sugar to rapturous applause; loved it, even if I am now sick of hearing Jump Around!

Global is undoubtedly as good as it gets in the dance music world. However, to give a balanced and honest review I have to add a few extra points. That’s 3 years in a row I’ve been and the Sunday morning trains are a shambles….still. Many people left the site early, afterall, it was very muddy, wet and cold, only to be faced with 4, 5 or even a 6 hour wait at the train station. The 1st train to London is at 7.53am! And that was delayed by an hour. Even waiting until the 6am finish requires at least a 2 hour wait and you find yourself at the back of a massive queue; and it was freezing. Why oh why do they not put an extra train or 2 on for this special once a year event? One more….. WHY? Hello…anybody listening?

I am undoubtedly a fair weather clubber, but huge credit to the Global people as to get the event on at all was good going when you think of the extreme weather they had to endure leading up to it. So, musically: as good as ever, weather:….well it’s British summertime….I won’t forget Global 2007 in a hurry, and roll on 2008!

P.S. The looks we were all getting as hundreds of us got back to central London with our ever so slightly muddy trousers and shoes! Ha ha…

Venue: 5
Music: 10
Crowd: 9
Sound System: 9
Total: 33 / 40

Rating: Silver Award
Review written by: Kevin Boyle kevin@uk-cl.co.uk
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Copyright © UK-CL 2007, All rights reserved.