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Smartie Partie - Turnmills

Date: Saturday 11th November 2006
Turnmills, 63b Clerkenwell Road , London . EC1M 5NP
Occurrence: Monthly
Hours: 10.30pm / 7.30am
Ticket Price: £8/£10/£12/£15
Genre: Tribal / Tech / Funky / Electro / Classics
Dress Code: N/A
Capacity: 1500

Line-Up: Paul Jackson, Guy Williams, The Sharp Boys, Alex P, Carlos Francisco, Matt Wells, Danny Dove

“Smartie Partie lasts longer than some weddings” You can bet your sweet ass it does! Probably longer than some marriages too!

Like last months Ibiza Reunion, tonight’s SP 11th birthday was simply superb. Both nights were just absolutely rammed, with a great atmosphere everywhere you went in the club. The sort of nights you want to go to, where everyone is just having it, but not too serious either; a very “good old days” clubbing feel. If this is a glimpse of what it was like “back in the day” then I certainly missed out!

It’s such a brilliant site when you see the masses of people in any of the Turnmills rooms, staggered on different levels between the dance floor and the stages. It’s like a sea of happy clubbers, an endless wave! That’s what its all about.

I’ve done many reviews for many nights from the perspective of a clubber. As part of a relatively new group of promoters/DJs, The Audio Freakz, I now am in the unique position of offering the viewpoint of a clubber and a DJ. Woopido I hear you say! On Saturday, and I speak for all of us, we had the time of our lives! It was a privilege to DJ in the Juno room, and if you read on you’ll see why! I’m not trying to blow our own trumpet, but we genuinely loved every second of it, and are still excited by it 2 days later!

Rob Loco, Glenn Wallace and Craig Forrest opened it all up and soon had the room packed out. The fantastic break-dancer girl who was spinning on her head was a site to behold! The splendid décor was on display again, well worth checking out the next time if you’ve not seen it already.

I’ve honestly never seen that Juno room so busy. I was blown away by the reception we got and the amount of people that were in there! Apparently, it was 1 in and 1 out at one stage and it was only just after midnight!

Myself (Kev Boyle), and Drew Harding then had the honour of DJing to the wonderful crowd that had amassed. It doesn’t get much better than that! Good old dirty filthy and electro house seemed to please them and Sweet Dreams are definitely Made of These! After Cirez D did some damage, we happily passed the reins over to Mr Nobby Smiles who kept the vibe flowing brilliantly. Later on, the guys who finished the Juno room off were just letting it rip! Banging you could say! Moving on! Room 2 is superb in SP. It’s a happy room, with lots of dance classics, and funky house. Does this room ever empty? It always seems to be full! I had a great time in there too and just love the music, as its different to every other room in the club. It’s a party room really. You’re guaranteed to leave that room smiling! Those old house classic are just that: classics, that will be popular for ever! Can’t beat ‘em! I believe The Sharp Boys, Alex P and Danny Dove were in T2 tonight but I’m terrible with names!

There are also a couple of sneaky little rooms upstairs too, which were both was rockin, and again these rooms were as busy as I’ve ever seen them! That’s five music rooms I counted tonight, not sure if there’s more! I’m sure there’s another one! There might well be as people always liken the Turnmills winding corridors and stairs to a maze. It’s like a little adventure, a bit like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory; what will you find around the next corner!

The main room, was needless to say, very busy too! As I said, I’m terrible at remembering names, so I consulted my nice shiny flyer and saw Paul Jackson, Guy Williams, Carlos Francisco and Matty Wells were playing. Anyway, I have a “thing” for that room! It’s those lights I think! It’s just so underground! The green laser! Please, please…..and one more…Please! Put one in the Juno room! The music is more techy and tribal in the main room than anywhere elsewhere, with the odd sprinkling of electro too of course! Mason’s Exceeder got a massive reception at 5am. There’s no escaping the electro sound. It’s been huge in clubland for ages now but it has also broken into the mainstream. Fedde Le Grand topped the charts last week! Woo Hoo! Who would’ve thought that would happen! Not exactly chart friendly teeny bopper wishy washy pop nonsense! The Bodyrox massive Yeah Yeah was not far behind at number 2, and I believe Nick Bridges from Bodyrox is gonna be playing SP next month and an SP label is being launched too! Just in time for Santa coming! Just want to thank everyone for coming, the Turnmills crowd is always worth a 9 out of 10 easily (it’s almost impossible to get a 10, unless you are Debbie Dean from Hollyoaks!), thanks to Trace and Claire for putting it all on, and a very special thanks to Tash and Bianca too!

Hope to see you all on the dancefloor on the 9th December!

Venue: 9
Music: 9
Crowd: 9
Sound System: 9
Total: 36 / 40

Rating: Gold Award
Review written by: Kevin Boyle kevin@uk-cl.co.uk
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Copyright © UK-CL 2006, All rights reserved.