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Smartie Partie - Turnmills

Date: Saturday 12th August 2006
Turnmills, 63b Clerkenwell Road , London . EC1M 5NP
Occurrence: Monthly
Hours: 10.30pm / 7.30am
Ticket Price: £8 / £12 / £15
Genre: Tribal / Tech / Funky / Electro / Classics
Dress Code: N/A
Capacity: 1500


Iíve been to quite a few SPís at Turnmills this year, and tonight was the best one yet for me. It was Alex Pís birthday bash plus Oliver Lang and Terry Farley headlining. SP is rather cool as the whole club is open and you get to see Turnmills in all itsí glory; thatís 5 rooms, with a huge variety of house music and DJs.

Iíve written about nights at Turnmills many times now, and when itís busy there is a special atmosphere. The main room was certainly heading that way when Alex P took to the decks at midnight, after excellent warm ups by DJ Trem and Chris Lewis of Audio Electro. You can still dance in the main room and not even see the DJ which is a rather bizarre but nice experience! Really enjoyed Alexís set, lots of tribal and tech house with some electro thrown in too. Itís really hard to get away from Tocadiscoís fantastic remix of Walking Away right now, and it wasnít the last time we were to hear it tonight!

Following on from P was Oliver Lang, who my mate claims is about 12 years old! Not likely that a 12 year old can DJ as good as him though! Another excellent set was delivered, and a bit techier than what we heard so far. The main room was very busy now and the percussion had started booming out and the dancers were strutting their stuff too. Sometimes tech tunes can get a bit boring and the excellent drumming from Trace definitely gives the music an extra groove. Oh, and the dancers!....hot! Thatís all Iím saying! It was becoming difficult to get between the main room and room 2, and T2 as it is called, was packed as usual in that small cavernous room.

The Juno room sits at the back of the main room and it has serious potential! It is square shaped, not that big, but not too small either, with mirrors giving the illusion of it being twice the size! For me this room is very loud, probably the loudest out the whole club, and the bass just throbs through you! Quite a nice experience really! The boys in this room obviously take pride in itsí appearance, as there was lots of extra dťcor, with huge drapes and stars hanging from the ceiling. One complaint would be the lack of quality lights compared to those in the main room, which are quite superb. Lights are needed!

The guys who were on early in the Juno room did an excellent job as it was very busy as three am approached. Their music was quite hard, a lot of banging tech house tunes, and then Audio Electro took over the room; as the name suggests, a lot of electro house was played! The electro sound is booming just now, and a lot of the biggest house tracks around are electro. An excellent article by Scott Manson in London Life has even gone as far to say that electro is clublandís saviour and has pulled it back from out of the doldrums! Quite an accolade. Some of these tunes are so big that you hear them in each and every room from time to time, such as the Bodyrox Yeah Yeah and as mentioned above Walking Away. Electro has got that massive crossover appeal, with DJs from all genres playing it. Back to the Juno room! Audio Electro (The Digital Punx, Rob Loco and Kev Boyle) served up a mixture of electro and at times harder stuff too, and they had the room rocking till 5am where the crowd were screaming for one more! Tunes I remember were by Cirez D, Mason, Eric Prydz, Alter Ego and Fergusís Shenanigans almost took the roof off!

So at 5am it was back into the main room where a healthy crowd was still gathered. Tribal house was being pounded out and people were dancing very energetically for that time in the morning! Then there was the cool white light that was running the length of the room, which we watched for ages!

Another night had come and gone and it was soon to become Sunday lunchtime as Smartie Partie would continue on for a while yet. You certainly get your moneys worth if you have the energy to keep going! See you all next month!

Venue: 9
Music: 9
Crowd: 9
Sound System: 8
Total: 35 / 40

Rating: Gold Award
Review written by: Kevin Boyle kevin@uk-cl.co.uk
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