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Cream - Amnesia

Date: Thursday 7th September 2006
Amnesia, San Rafael, Ibiza
Occurrence: Thursdays June to September
Hours: Midnight – Late
Ticket Price: TBC
Genre: House & Trance
Dress Code: TBC
Capacity: TBC


2006 has proved to be another stellar season for Cream in Ibiza's highly charged three month clubbing frenzy. Once again, every Thursday night has proved to be another packed out 7 hour journey of the highest quality Trance and House from some of the worlds top DJ's in their chosen genre. For our final visit of the season, Marco V, Giuseppe Ottavaini and the quintessential Trancemaster himself, Mr Paul Van Dyk were providing us with the treats in the main room, while Sebastian Ingrosso was the highlight on the terrace. We arrived to find the mother of all queue's, stretching around Amnesia's pale white exterior and beyond. With the beat pounding from inside one of Ibiza's most famous venues, the anticipation in the air outside was almost as electric of that of the atmosphere inside.

We got in the door just after 2:30am to find Marco V's familiar little smirk on his face as his head bopped up and down behind the decks. The megatron was just warming up during his set, but it was far from warm up tunes and as Amnesia continued to fill, Marco proceeded to up the tempo, with tunes like Alex MORPH & Rank 1 - Life Less Ordinary and his own Red Blue Purple dominating much of his set. It was another of his own that got the best reaction, with False Light causing the crowd to go absolutely ballistic. After that, Marco winded things down a bit, as he tends to do, before Giuseppe Ottavaini arrived behind the two laptops and keyboard set up to the left of the decks, to begin his half hour live PA.

Giuseppe's performance was one a lot of the crowd were really looking forward to, which was evident with the reaction he got just from pressing the first couple of buttons on his laptop to bring the beat in. He started of with Linking People, possibly his best known track to date and when it got to the breakdown, he played the riff eloquently and to perfection on his keyboard, with the crowd absolutely loving it. As he seamlessly went through his tunes it seemed his hands didn't stop moving between his laptops and keyboard for the duration of his set. He finished of with his latest offering, Through Your Eyes, which got the full dry ice treatment after it's massive breakdown, to give Giuseppe the send of he thoroughly deserved, with the only possible complaint being that he didn't get longer than thirty minutes to showcase his exceptional talent.

After that, there was only one DJ that could bring us to the next level and that was Paul Van Dyk, who did so instantly, starting of with the breakdown from For An Angel, that got such a reaction, it was like Heaven on Earth! The atmosphere and pure energy in Amnesia was already at what seemed like the highest it could be, but the next few hours from Van Dyk put paid to that theory, as he produced a set of epic proportions. He had Amnesia rocking from the off, with some of the biggest tunes around at the moment, including Sean Tyas - Lift, which has possibly been the tune of the Summer in Trance circles. But it's Van Dyk's ability to mix old and new tunes and play the right tunes at the right time when playing in Amnesia, that makes seeing him in there so special.

Taking full advantage of the latest Ableton technology that he now uses, he dropped in Bart Classen's Playmo, but put the vocals of Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes over it, which went together perfectly, much to the delight of the crowd, who were getting two of their favourites for the price of one. He also played his own Crush, which hadn't been heard in a long time, but still sounded as great as ever. Van Dyk's three hour set absolutely flew in, with every tune greeted with rapturous applause from his adoring Trance loving fans. And with the dry ice, lasers and lights adding to the package, it all culminated in yet another triumph for Cream, at their second home, Amnesia. The night ended at 7am with Time Of Our Lives and as the crowd dispersed, all we could do was reflect on how good 2006 had been and look forward to another year of debauchery next year, roll on June 2007.

Venue: 9
Music: 9
Crowd: 8
Sound System: 9
Total: 35 / 40

Rating: Gold Award
Review written by: Wayne Spelman wayne@uk-cl.co.uk
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